#1. Writer-director Gaetan Laloge works in the film industry worldwide.

#2. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) graduate.


#3. Choc is his first short film directed with the help of CCCO in 1987.


#4. He then directed Entrechocs, Degueubar and Multidimensionnel. The last mentioned of these three shot films was commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture and was very warmly received by the 300 persons who attended the Premiere in theater on May 12, 1990.


#5. In 1991, he wrote and directed Ecritures. This film was notable for its many special effects. It recounts the mishaps of an old screenwriter grief-stricken by the death of his wife and obliged to take drugs in order to write his scripts. This dark film depicts the writer's hallucinations. Remastered in 2008.


#6. Gaetan Laloge worked on two feature films at the Nikkatsu Studios in Tokyo - Japan.


#7. In 1992, he met Otomo Katsuhiro, the man who wrote and directed the internationally successful animation feature Akira. The two decided to collaborate on a feature project. Gaetan Laloge wrote the spec B.S.I. The project was ahead of its time and made use of the then emerging technology of CGI. The project a shrewd mixture of action, horror and thriller was put to one side and remains unproduced to this day.


#8. Just 75 seconds to sum up an era, a decade: entitled 1994. Because the themes are still a topical question, this short film never fails to excite curiosity.


#9. Directed three short including the exclusive fake exploitation movie trailer Tripod Killers aka T.K. for the direct-to-video project (r)Evolution. It brings together a selection of the director' short films. Released in 1997.


#10. He appeared as an actor in two features directed by Christian Andrey. In the former, entitled Mais Où Est Donc Passé Le Président?, he plays a suspicious character who is perpetually on his guard and involved in explosives. A year later he played a part in Les Pointus, a pilot for a TV serie: this time he was a director making TV commercials driven crazy by the incompetence and laziness of his technicians and actors.


#11. Anxious to write and direct TV reports, he worked, among other companies, at the Sunset Presse agency alongside the editor-in-chief Christophe Weber. His last report, Noblesses Obligent, made in conjunction with Philippe Pichon, looked at the question of Aristocrats investing in charity work. The 26-minute report was screened on France's leading television channel, TF1, in 1999 and attracted a large viewing audience.


#12. From 2000 to 2005, he worked on the feature project Toubabs!. This comedy adventure mainly takes place in West Africa and brings us face to face with African witchcraft. He worked on this movie with producer Michel Mavros (Metissacana Production), Bernard Granger and Cineseas (Dakar, Senegal). This project is now on standby.


#13. In 2011, Gaetan Laloge became an Apple Certified Pro - Final Cut Pro 7, Level One.


#14. He wrote and directed the first 30-second commercial ever on the Artist stripper Mystik.


#15. Directed illuminata, a videodance with the dancer Elena Copelli on the music composed by Kousagi Project.


#16. From 2014 to 2019, Gaetan wrote feature film scripts (actually under NDA).


#17. Books Toubabs!, the African comedy adventure film script and the dark BSI are available on paperback and ebook.

#18. Produced and directed the short film HUNGRY! (original title: FAIM !): official selection in IHFF 2021 (Italian Horror Fantasy Fest)