FANTASTIC MAKE-UP - L’Art du Maquillage 3D
by Gaëtan Laloge

The only handbook on making special make-up effects in French language


. Health & Security
. Casting a Full Head
. Sculpture
. Different Products
. Foam latex
. Professional Report
. Coloring Prosthetics
. Prosthetics' Application
. Removing Make-up
. Suppliers

. 66 pages with illustrations
. Format 21 x 14,5 cm
. Color soft cover by G. Basiletti
. ISBN 978-2-950-5543-0-7
. 14,90 € (official price in France)

FANTASTIC MAKE-UP - L'ART DU MAQUILLAGE 3D, a reference since 1991, updated in 2001, is for beginners as well as professionals interested in making prosthetics special make-up effects. Step by step, the handbook explains the full process in a very simple approach and easy to understand. The learning of technical words is progressive.
More, FANTASTIC MAKE-UP - L'ART DU MAQUILLAGE 3D is willing to be a "on-the-field" handbook: its large left margins are useful to take notes while working.
This handbook is available
in French language only.


"... an essential handbook for your horrific creations" -
"...excellent handbook to make special make-up effects" -
"... complete and illustrated course" -
L'Ecran Fantastique
"...reveals all 3D special make-up technics" -
La Revue du Cinéma
"Educational, accurate, with detailed analysis of the different products..." -
Caméra Vidéo
" illustrated course on how to master the different steps of 3D make-up, from the making to the make-up"-
Chasseurs d'Images
" all advices to make facial 3D make-ups" -
Casus Belli


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