Cesam The Original


CESAM (Circulaire des Effets Spéciaux Animés et du Maquillage) was a quarterly technical French fanzine specialized in special make-up effects.

Published from 1988 to 1990 in a black and white 10,5 cm x 14,85 cm format by FX Compagnie (special FX division of the CCCO), CESAM quickly established itself as the essential reference for all informations, tests and techniques in the special make-up effects field. The small, tightly-knit team of writers consisted of Gaëtan Laloge himself (founder and editor), Christian Andrey (Cinema), David Bonin (Literature) and Marc Dumas (Role Playing). The talented chief illustrator was Jean Meunier, later joined by twelve highly gifted artists including Philippe Pellé, Ma Ly, Etienne Butterlin, Nils Hamel, Eric Diard, Frédéric Lespine etc.. CESAM was so successful that all of its issues were quickly sold out. The original prints as seen below are now collectors.

If you are interested interested in special make-up effects, you should have a look on the handbook Fantastic Make-up - L'Art du Maquillage 3D and the SFX make-ups galleries. Please note our books are in French language only.

All original issues of CESAM are SOLD OUT. In 2007, a 478-page book of the 11 issues of CESAM has been published.


CESAM #1 - February 1988

Cover by Jean Meunier

- Interview with C.E. Devaux: publisher & editor of Weird
- Book: Trucages et Effets Spéciaux au Cinéma by Alan McKenzie & Derek Ware
- Description of basic special make-up material (blood etc...)
- Simple Effects
- Make-up products tests
- Addresses
- Price list
- Initiation to Audiovisual: The Cinema


CESAM #2 - May 1988

Cover by Stéphane Chevigny

- Interview with Bernard Saconnet: projectionist
- Book: 5 ans d’Effets Spéciaux
- Starfix special issue
- Products tests
- Making a gore effect
- Video: the differents standards
- Make-up
- Addresses
- Price list
- Initiation to Audiovisual: The Common Used Vocabulary - 1


CESAM #3 - August 1988

Cover by Jean Meunier

- Interview with Christian Andrey: founder & CEO of CCCO
- Book: Les Effets Spéciaux by André Pierdel
- Films reviews
- Make-up
- Products tests
- Making a life mask
- Bullet holes
- Addresses
- Initiation to Audiovisual: The Common Used Vocabulary - 2


CESAM #4 - November 1988

Cover by Jean Meunier

- Interview with Gérard Basiletti: artist painter, illustrator of magazine Weird
- Book: 80 succès du Cinéma Fantastique by Pierre Tchernia & Jean-Claude Romer
- Make-up
- Products tests
- Modeling: basis and advices
- Bullet holes: multiple switch on
- Addresses
- Price list
- Initiation to Audiovisual: Framing


CESAM #5 - February 1989

Cover by Gérard Basiletti

- Interview with Jean-Marie Nazareth: mechanical special effects
- Book: Films d’Horreur by Nigel Andrews
- Literature: L’Horreur dans le Cimetière by H.P Lovecraft
- Film Festival: Les Torix
- Products tests
- Make-up: painting the masks and prosthetics
- Making a bald cap
- Addresses
- Price list
- Initiation to Audiovisual: Pan, Tilt...


CESAM #6 - May 1989

Cover by Gérard Basiletti

- Interview with Christian Mancien: CEO of TV Câble Dijon
- Book: Make-up by Jean-Pierre Fleurimon
- Literature: Night Ocean by H.P Lovecraft
- Interview with Gaëtan Laloge - Radio France Bourgogne
- Products tests
- Make-up: prosthetics
- Bullet holes on fake walls
- Addresses
- Price list
- Initiation to Audiovisual: Rules


CESAM #7 - August 1989

Cover by RIC (Eric Diard)

- Interview with Robert Tenac: film director
- Book: Les Mots du Cinéma by Christine de Montvalon
- Literature: Isaac Asimov
- Role Playing
- Article/Interview Le cinéma Super-8 vous connaissez? by C. Triollet - fanzine Darkness
- Airbrushes - Paasche
- Prosthetics molds
- Explosive FX in water
- Addresses
- Price list
- Initiation to Audiovisual: The Light


CESAM #8 - November 1989

Cover by Jean Meunier

- Interviews with Vincent Laguillaumie & Pascal Delagneau: expedition to Japan
- Book: Les 100 Chefs-d’Oeuvres du Film Fantastique by Jean-Marc Bouineau & Alain Charlot
- Role Playing
- Literature: Nouvelles Aventures d’Ijon Tichy by Stanislas Lem
- Airbrushes Olympos
- Report: 18th Fantastic & Sci-Fi Film Festival - Paris
- Make-up FX: cutting edge, modeling
- Latex Revultex
- Explosive effects: recapitulatory
- Addresses- Press
- Initiation to Audiovisual: Depth of Field


CESAM #9 - February 1990

Cover by Nath

- Interview with Jacques Gastineau: special make-up artist
- Book: Le Maquillage by Dominique De Vorges
- Role Playing
- Literature: Neuromancien by William Gibson
- Foam Latex
- Airbrushes Fisher/Letraset
- Collection Horror Pictures: letter by Gérard Noël
- Press
- Price list
- Addresses
- Initiation to Audiovisual: Lighting


CESAM #10 - May 1990

Cover by Jean Meunier

- Interview withYoshiaki Terada: President of Japanese Film Festival in Burgundy
- Book: Le Film d’Epouvante by Philippe Ross
- Role Playing
- Literature: Ça by Stephen King
- Paint for masks and prosthetics
- 9 colors Airbrush and compressors
- Products tests
- Addresses
- Press
- Initiation to Audiovisual: Introduction to Editing


CESAM #11 - August 1990

Cover by Etienne Butterlin

- Books: Le Moulage byPascal Rosier
- Books: Anatomie Humaine by Rohen - Yokochi
- Role Playing
- Literature: Les Joueurs du A by Alfred Elton Van Vogt
- Literature: Des Lendemains Qui Scintillent by Alfred Elton Van Vogt
- Literature: L’Horloge Temporelle by Alfred Elton Van Vogt
- Literature: La Brèche dans l’Espace by Philip K. Dick
- Make-up: spirit gums, application and removal
- Price lists
- Addresses
- Film Festival: Les Torix
- Article Inepties! by Christian Andrey
- Special thanks
- Initiation to Audiovisual: Continuity shots